Ahhhhhh - Smells like Race Season!   April 06 2015, 0 Comments

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We know many of you are gearing up for Spring races, because more training and race prep questions have been coming into our inbox.  One of the most popular questions we get is some variation of... How do I take my performance to the next level?  Of course that depends on where you are now, and what type and distance race you have on the calendar, but let's take a sprint distance course (3 to 5 miles) and break down our top essential tip.  This will help get you ready for some of the top events this month like the Charlotte, New Jersey and the Tri-State area Spartan Sprint races.

Top Tip: Get your lungs ready!
Being able to run 3 to 5 miles at an even pace is totally different than running 3 to 5 miles at varying pace including bursts of speed between tiring obstacles.  Leading up to a race, we recommend that you bring in some interval training to your runs.  Twice a week, go for a timed run that lasts the length of your goal time for your race.  You will intentionally vary your pace between sprints and recovery runs to work at a range of heart rate zones.  The Sweedish word for this is "Fartlet" which means "spead play".  

So, for example,  if you're training for a sprint that you estimate will take 90 minutes then structure a 90min run similar to the following:15min warmup, 10 rounds of 1min sprint followed by 2min slow jog (30min), 10 rounds of 1.5min fast run followed by 1.5min fast jog (30min), then a 15min cool down.  If you race includes burpee penalties, it's not a bad idea to throw a few rounds of those in as well, as you will need to teach your body to recover on the run after finishing the exercise for better times.

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