Apply To Be A 2018 Team MudGear Sponsored Athlete November 06 2017, 0 Comments

Who We Are Looking For

Whether you're a podium crushing pro or just getting into OCR, all applications are welcome. We're looking for pro level athletes, and like last year, we are holding two open spots for individuals that embody the spirit of OCR.  We look for all our athletes have strong visibility in the OCR community to help us spread the word about MudGear next year.

Selected athletes will receive free gear, MudGear swag, the opportunity to win cash performance bonuses, and bragging rights of being a sponsored OCR athlete. 

What You’ll Receive

First, you’ll be whisked into our private forum for sponsored Team MudGear Athletes, where you’ll be able to interact and learn from our elite team members.  You’ll receive the same custom Team MudGear Athlete gear and apparel made only for our sponsored team.  You’ll also receive additional gear credit for even more MudGear badassery that you can keep or share with your friends and family.  Finally, you’ll be featured alongside our athletes in a post on the MudGear blog. Best of all, you can tell freakin’ everyone you’re a sponsored OCR athlete!

How to Apply

Submit your application below or at this link by November 19th at 10:00 PM EST.   We'll announce the selected athletes on social media in December, so make sure to give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram (@mudgear).