Best Brooks Trail Running Shoes

Based out of Seattle, Brooks Running is praised as a technological and environmental leader. Beyond that, many consider Brooks to be the Best Trail Running Shoe around. As more and more runners lace up their first pair, the question on everyone's mind is 'Which ones should I choose?' 

MudGear has enlisted the expertise of ThistleRunning to hand out medals to the BEST BROOKS TRAIL RUNNING SHOES.


Brooks Catamount

Brooks Catamount

  • Pros
    • Very comfortable.
    • Perfect grip on slick, wet rock.
    • Responsive midsole.
  • Cons
    • Foothold can be sketchy.
    • Not the best option for long runs.

Catamount will get our Brooks – MudGear “Gold medal” as all-in-one dagger for extreme fast trail runs.

Made for racing, your new best friends feel light and responsive to help you run faster and farther on the trails. Nitrogen infused DNA FLASH cushioning delivers incredible energy return and cushioning to help you run up and down every trail. 

Every aspect of the Catamount has been designed with exceptional attention to detail. Brooks have created a high-performance trail shoe that is perfectly constructed to help ambitious trail runners accomplish the toughest tests in comfort and at speed.



Brooks Cascadia 15

Brooks Cascadia 15

  • Pros
    • Stability and protection.
    • Consistent traction.
    • Secure fit.
  • Cons
    • Firm midsole.
    • Chunky heel.
    • Narrow forefoot.

Cascadia 15 will get our Brooks – MudGear “Silver medal” as perfect choice for a comfortable and versatile trail run.

Featured new engineered monoloop mesh and 3D Fit Print upper increase breathability and speed up dry time.

Latest Cascadia version performs well for a broad spectrum of users under a variety of conditions. It will never blow you away with its speed of agility, but the shoe faithfully will give you a stable ride with more than enough support and durability to handle ultra-distance mileage.



Brooks Caldera 5

Brooks Caldera 5

  • Pros
    • Well-fitting upper.
    • Good traction.
    • Stable for its height.
  • Cons
    • Slightly heavy.
    • Not a fast shoe. 

Caldera 5 will get our Brooks – MudGear “Bronze medal” as perfect transitional road-to-trail shoe.

Tailored for trail runners looking for extra cushion and stability on daily distraction-free runs.

New improved features:

  • Thick BioMoGo DNA cushioning in the midsole works with the outsole's large grooves to adapt to changing trail terrain.
  • The monoloop engineered mesh upper provides a secure and breathable fit.
  • The TrailTack sticky rubber outsole and high surface-area lugs provide outstanding uphill and downhill traction — even on wet surfaces.


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