What's Next for Obstacle Course Racing Post Jacksonville? June 18 2020

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Spartan taking participant's temperature at check-in.

Let's be clear. Spartan isn't the only OCR brand in the world, but it is the most influential by far. So, last weekend's Spartan event in Jacksonville was important to the future of our sport.

MudGear asked participating racers 1 two-part question on social. "Was Jacksonville a success; did you feel safe?" Out of a few hundred responses, 85% said, "Yes," while 15% said, "No."

We appreciated this racer's diplomatic review...

"I went to Jacksonville and completed the Triple Containment Crown which includes the Sprint. Spartan provided more hand cleaning products/safety guidelines signage and cleaned more (Dekafit) than O’Hara airport, Jacksonville airport, car rental company and airplane ✈️ company... If I needed to clean my hands, there was a lot of product on the course. You should sign up for a race, if you feel comfortable traveling to venue, feel healthy, and feel fine with others around you on a course and in venue space.

While this particular racer felt safe, he went on to admit the environment is not yet what we remember. 

"The no spectator rule really changed the venue environment. Racers arrived for heat and then left. No showers or changing room. Music but no kids dancing. A few adults lined up near fences cheering or taking pictures. No food grilling smells. Very few people at the vendor stations. Locker room bus vendor. Plenty of bathrooms. But the carnival and festival feeling was gone. But that said, I saw more smiling faces because a lot of racers were happy to be there. Staff and volunteers were very excited and helpful. I spent more time talking with staff and volunteers than anytime before. It was cool 😎" -Craig

So, what's next?  CEO, Joe De Sena reached out to the Spartan community this week to gauge interest in turning otherwise cancelled obstacle events into trail races and hurricane heats.

Joe De Sena want to reinstate otherwise cancelled races.

The public response seems unsatisfied at best... as there are plenty of other trail opportunities that don't require traveling as far as we're willing to travel for a full OCR event. However, the alternative means not competing in another, traditional Spartan OCR until August 29th with races in West Virginia and Utah



It’s not too late to treat yourself or your OCR-loving dad to MudGear’s Father’s Day Bundle. We've consolidated 2 Great Gear Items for 1 Low Price. Get MUDGEAR SEATSHIELD & ¼ CREW TRAIL SOCKS TOGETHER FOR ONLY $39.95

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You’re not looking for a “fun run.” You want a REAL CHALLENGE designed to unleash all that energy, power and frustration you’ve kept caged for months. Here it is.

THE GRIT GAMES ARE HAPPENING; JULY 31 - AUG. 2. Fly or road trip to Texas for the toughest OCR event in the entire Southwest. Compete in five OCR specific events that will test elements of running, strength, and obstacle proficiency… culminating with a final event testing your overall endurance. Kids, competitive, pro, and team racers welcome.

2020 is the last chance to compete as a pro for the $1000 cash prize without having to qualify. So, make this your year. MudGear will be at the 2020 GRIT GAMES; we hope to see you there!



OCR World Championships

With hotter weather moving in, we’re daydreaming about how perfect Vermont will feel during the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) in October. Usually, participants dedicate their spring racing to qualifying for the event. However, since most of the spring race season was cancelled, there have been concerns about qualifying. Here’s a word from the CEO.

“We are waiving all Age Group and Journeyman qualification requirements for the 2020 OCRWC. Our partner races have been hit hard, and we know many athletes who registered for the OCRWC have lost their planned opportunities to qualify. During these unprecedented times, we want to make sure the athletes who want to race with us are able to do so. This includes the many athletes who have already pre-registered with the aim of qualifying at a later date. As a result, our Journeyman athletes will now be assigned to their appropriate Age Group waves. Lastly, Pro heats will still require qualification, however athletes may use race results from 2019 or 2020.” - Adrian Bijanada, OCRWC.






The fact that these are considered viral videos means you've probably already seen them. However, they're probably worth a second watch.

The video of these Obstacle Course Squirrels (OCSQ) has been a nice relief from the super intense content that’s been dominating the internet. Mark Rober built the ultimate mini obstacle course to deal with squirrels that were stealing his bird seed.

Then, there's Tim Bannon. Video of the armless teen conquering a box jump inspired thousands around this time last year. The video has reemerged in recent weeks as we find ourselves desperate for inspiration and positivity.

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