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Recovery 101

The only thing more heartbreaking to an athlete than injury is injury that could have been avoided through proper recovery. It's time to stop shrugging off these time-tested and proven recovery methods.

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October 10 2019

Fergy Goes Freestyle

Mike "Fergy" Ferguson tells it like it is about MudGear's Men's Freestyle Race Shorts including what he likes, what he suggests for future modifications, and how MudGear responded to early feedback.

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April 23 2019

I Train AND SLEEP in Calf Sleeves

Let me tell you why I would take MudGear Compression Calf Sleeves over the $90 pair (other brand) I used to train in.  Not only are MudGear a fraction of the price, but the quality is just as good if not better. Let me explain.

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March 31 2019

Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson is the definition of dedication, discipline, hard work, and focus. If you're fortunate enough to race side-by-side with him, you'll recognize "Fergy" as a genuine...

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February 26 2019