F.I.T Challenge Pre-Order

FIT Force Challenge

Do you LOVE OCR but HATE to Run???

The F.I.T FORCE OCR Challenge is an extremely fast paced under 1.5 mile course with 20+ obstacles! This event will be held at our OCR Training Center at Fore Court! This is absolutely NOT our 5K Mud Run Challenge! This is an out and back style course with 5 rows of obstacles and then a 400 meter trail run through a loop in the woods. Three racers will start at a time every minute, complete one row of obstacles, head out on the 400 meter loop and then back to complete another row. This is done 5 times!

MudGear is proud to offer shirts and gear for the F.I.T Challenge in Wrentham, MA. Shirts on this page may be pre-ordered for delivery in early October before the race.

Deadline to order is Sat 9/13/14!

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