MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA
MudGear Sandbag BETA

MudGear Sandbag BETA

Versatile workout sandbag for heavy reps, brutal rucks, and high impact training.

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  • Tough fabric with heavy-duty zipper
  • 8 sturdy straps for versatile holds
  • Removable inner bag holds up to 60 lbs. of sand
  • Hook & loop closure and patch strip
  • Arrives unfilled; sand not included
  • 24 inches long and 9 inches in diameter (filled overall dimensions)
  • View our sandbag filling and training tips

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“Sandbag workouts are never dull and always demanding. You'll love it! ”

Product Description


Stronger Everything

Obstacle course racers, ruckers, hybrid athletes, and even trail runners can benefit from sandbag speed and strength training. Whether you're ready for weighted running or just need your HIIT to hit a little harder, the MudGear Sandbag is your key to a stronger everything. Constructed with ultra-durable 1000 D canvas, this sandbag is big/tough enough to withstand countless slams while going wherever you're crazy enough to take it.

Top-Tier Versatility 

With an adjustable weight liner and 8 double-stitched handles, you won't find a sandbag with more versatility than ours. Grab the MudGear Sandbag from any angle without risking injury to your wrists, and find it's length perfect for carrying across even the widest shoulders. Treat your legs to weighted runs, lunges, and squats. Meanwhile your arms will reap the benefits of weighted curls, and a solid overhead press can strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, and upper back. Get ready to retire your kettlebells, becasue swings are a billion times better with The MudGear Sandbag. 

Functional Accents

This bag looks great, but our top priority was to make every specification meaningful. The lock-fold-lock design of the removable inner bag makes it easy to fill and seal without a spill. Once the internal bag is filled, secure the external bag with a heavy duty zipper that’s concealed to avoid accidental unzipping. Buckle and tighten the adjustable handles for a snug fit to your preferred weight. The sturdy, double-stitched handles are bright-colored for easy grab-and-go visibility even in fading daylight. 

Handle with Core

A quality sandbag doesn't have to be handled with kid gloves. Our bag is meant to be lifted, dropped, dragged, and thrown using every muscle in your body whenever possible. Head-to-toe and a whole lot of CORE, The MudGear Sandbag delivers the safest form of full-body strength training.

Ready to go?  View our sandbag filling and training tips.

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Why Choose MudGear


We made sure the MudGear Sandbag can be grabbed and lifted from any angle, balanced on any shoulders, and adjusted for your preferred weight. Don't you dare go easy on this bag. It was designed to withstand several thousand slams without leaking. BRING IT!

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