MudGear Fitted Race Jersey v2 Long Sleeve


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"My first really tough mud run was the 2012 Spartan Beast in South Carolina.  My buddy and I were elbow to elbow on an awful uphill barbed-wire climb.  The fire hoses were out and had blown away the mud to expose a sharp gravel base.  The guy spraying the hose was way too into his job, drilling us relentlessly as we tried to fight our way up.  He seemed to notice our growing agitation with his general being, and he offered up this great reminder, “Hey guys, remember that you paid for this.”  After the race, that barbed-wire climb was the obstacle everyone was talking about while comparing battle scars."  

There’s finally a performance race jersey specifically designed for the competitive mud-run athlete and we owe it all to those awful barbed wire-crawls and the bastards that spray the fire hoses.

  • Custom poly blend with 4-way stretch melds performance with toughness.
  • Highly breathable material wicks sweat and has excellent drainage capability.
  • Heavy duty flat lock stitching adds durability and strength.
  • New v2 Gray logos and styling

The Long Sleeve tough mud run shirt has all the same outdoor performance features of the short-sleeved version with the addition of sleeves.  This shirt provides some protection from the worst parts of the course, while avoiding unwanted bulk or weight.  

This is a great shirt to wear in mud runs set in cool to cold conditions, but it’s also light enough to be a go-to shirt in warm weather when you expect to be crawling through rough or rocky terrain. 

**Please note that the new version of the long sleeve fitted MudGear shirt will not have the extra layer of fabric like the first version. We received feedback from the OCR community that these padded elbows were holding a bit too much water after being submerged, so in our new version this extra fabric has been removed. We are simultaneously coming out with some new performance padded arms sleeves that can be worn with our without the shirts.


Color: Badass Black

Size and Fit
The MudGear Race Jersey is intentionally fitted and tapered.  Use the size chart below as a guide, but when close or in doubt, go a size larger.  Remember that a fitted race cut shirt will accentuate every muscle and hug every fat roll. Plan accordingly.  This tough mud run shirt is a performance race jersey, not a look-good-on-the-treadmill shirt.

Mens Size S M L XL  2XL
Chest 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52
Neck 14.5-15.25 15-16 16-17 17.5-18 18.5-19
Waist 28-29 30-31 32-34 35-38 40-44

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