So, you’re really doing it. You’ve decided to tackle your first Obstacle Course Race (OCR). Good for you! There’s nothing like the muddy mayhem of scaling your first 8 ft. wall, bear crawling under barbed wire, or trying to cross some slippery monkey bars. A great obstacle course race will force you outside of your comfort zone and stretch you in ways you’ve never imagined... both mentally and physically. That’s not a warning; it’s a promise, because you knew this wouldn’t be easy. However, here’s your WARNING: THIS EXPERIENCE MIGHT JUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Sure, one-and-done can still be fun, but many a newbies have crossed the finish line with a newfound, healthy addiction. Something happened during that race. Something awoke in them… a whole new outlook on life. What they discovered on that course was a truth that applies to our everyday lives. Obstacles are real. Sometimes they’re scary and may even beat the crap out of us. So, what are you going to do about it? OCR teaches us to get back up and prevail.    


The key to a great experience at your first obstacle course race is being as prepared as possible. That’s why we invite you to GEAR UP! 


  • FREE 12 Week Fitness Plan
    • Designed to get you race-ready
    • Easily adaptable for all fitness levels
    • Downloadable PDF document
  • FREE Bi-weekly email with “what to expect” tips and suggestions.
    • Includes fitness refreshers
    • Addresses FAQs and tips from the pros

    MudGear was voted Best OCR Clothing Brand because we know the sport and are dedicated to helping you love it as much as we do. So GEAR UP for the experience of a lifetime, and let MudGear help you on your journey.