100 Miles While Fasting

'Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.' This seems to be the popular response to James Cracknell’s latest experiment. The former rowing World Champion and double Olympic Gold Medalist from the UK ran 100 miles over five days this week while consuming nothing but water and relying on stored fat to prove we put too much weight (pun intended) on the role of carb/calorie intake.

James Cracknell ran 100 miles over 5 days with nothing but water

“Society is eating too many carbs,” says Cracknell, “as a result over 60% of the UK population is overweight. This project is aiming to prove the body can turn to fat to fuel itself efficiently.”

A number of professional and self-proclaimed nutritionists have spoken out against Cracknell’s project calling it “irresponsible” and “far from scientific.” Meanwhile, MudGear is following James Cracknell on Instagram and awaiting a detailed description of his experience and its aftereffects.

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