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King of Falling

World Champion Mountain Runner Max King says he falls a lot. Here's one of them caught on camera.

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January 30 2021

Spartan Trail Champs & MudGear

FREE MUDGEAR SOCKS for all racers in the U.S. who are racing overseas in the Spartan Trail World Championship.

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January 23 2021

8 Rules of Trail Running Etiquette

Here are some essential Rules of Etiquette for Trail Running that everyone should know but a surprising number of people don't know.

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January 16 2021

How to Choose Trail Running Shoes

MudGear lays out the key things to look for and consider when choosing the right trail running shoe.

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January 09 2021

Stepping Outside the Bubble

While politicians won’t cross the aisle, and Joe Public won’t cross the street for his neighbor, Ricky Gates ran across America guided by a desire to hear and understand “the other side” better.

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January 09 2021

Shin Splints 101

Shin splints don't have to be a reoccurring problem for runners. Learn common causes and recovery methods to avoid this debilitating pain.

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December 18 2020

Last Chance to Run Far

As the year nears its end, here are some long distance races you can still enjoy in 2020.

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November 14 2020

Dauwalter Outlasts Everyone - Again

After days of near restless running, Courtney Dauwalter outlasted everyone (men and women) to win the U.S. Big’s BackYard Ultra 2020. Check out these numbers.

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October 24 2020

100 Miles While Fasting

James Cracknell ran 100 miles over five days while only consuming water, and people aren't happy.

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September 24 2020

Heal Your Heels | Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

Whether it’s from age, being overweight, running with inefficient foot strike, or just being on your dogs all day, foot pain sucks. Even more, the debilitating pain of plantar fasciitis can end your race schedule for good if not properly treated. 

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August 22 2020

The Best Socks for Trail Running

View our list of the best trail running socks from MudGear, Drymax, Darn Tough and more to find trail running socks that feel good, keep your feet dry, and protect them from blisters and hot spots.

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May 19 2020

Trail Running Influencers You Should Be Following

MudGear's ist of "25 Trail Running Influencers You Should Be Following in 2020" includes  past, present, and future champions of the sport's most respected trails, mountains, and series. Also, meet the photographers, videographers, podcasters and socialites who consistently deliver incredible trail running content.

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April 18 2020

How to Start Running

It is, after all, a large majority of an obstacle course race. However, it can be one of the hardest skills to master, unless you do it properly. I am talking about running of course.

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February 28 2019

Getting Into Trail Running

Running is an impressively versatile activity – you can run 100 meters on a track, 100 miles up the side of the mountain, a 10k over an obstacle course, or...

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October 26 2016