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"OCR" is Obstacle Course Racing - Mud or No Mud

Getting there may be half the fun, but getting there while the world is trying to stop you is nothing short of exhilarating. That’s Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and training, where the only thing standing between you and the finish line is any and every impediment imaginable. That’s where we come in. MudGear doesn’t just level the playing field. We give you the advantage while you’re racing or training for an obstacle course race. We’ve been outfitting top racers for over a decade and have maintained the most complete line of obstacle course racing gear. MudGear is well known in the OCR community for making the best socks for OCR, and much more. Since the majority of obstacle course races are held outdoors, we specialize in mud run gear suitable for even the gnarliest conditions. Our loose and fitted OCR shorts for men offer next-level comfort and unmatched durability. Meanwhile, MudGear performance jerseys look great on everyone and last longer than any athletic jersey should.

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Beyond must-have OCR and mud run apparel, MudGear offers game-changer gear items like special obstacle course racing gloves, calf sleeves, and arm sleeves. Then, there’s special partner items like the MudGear edition Waterproof SeatShield, gear you never know you need until you try them firsthand. Then, you’ll never want to train or race without them.

Made in the USA
The OCR Socks That Built Our Brand

Our legacy begins with what has become universally known as the best compression socks for OCR. MudGear’s Tall Compression Socks were designed by and for obstacle course racers. They feature true graduated compression and an extra layer of support behind the calf to protect against rope burn and other obstacle abrasions. Of course, we eventually complemented our OCR compression socks with the addition of MudGear No Show Socks and our popular Quarter (¼) Crew Socks.

Limited Edition
Tough Mudder Gear

MudGear is the Official Performance Sock of Tough Mudder. Experience the toughest socks on the planet.

Limited Edition
Spartan Race Gear

MudGear is the Official Performance Sock of Spartan Race. See why we're Made Tougher!

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We strive to support obstacle course racers just as so many of you have supported us. We have special blog articles dedicated to obstacle course races for beginners, and we even offer a 12-week fitness plan to make sure our followers always show up race ready. 

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