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What is rucking?

[IYKYK] The term refers to military inspired weighted walks that build endurance, strength, and mental toughness, as they simulate the physical demands of soldiers who often carry heavy loads over long distances. The strain of hauling an extra 15 to 40 lbs for a couple miles or more can wear out your body and wreak havoc on your feet, that is unless they’re protected by the enduring comfort of MudGear Ruck Socks made with Merino wool. While more and more rucking socks enter the market, the best socks for rucking are still the original. That’s right! MudGear made the first ruck sock and still make the best rucking socks for civilian, competitive, Army and other military rucking events including rucking races and sanctioned ruck marches.

Do Hard Things With Real People
Rucking is Best With Others

Half of rucking’s appeal is the opportunity to do hard things with like-minded adventurers. No pastime embraces rugged camaraderie more than rucking. That’s why rucking clubs are popping up all over the nation. Some are intense; others enjoy the view; but they all agree the best rucking socks dawn the distinguished MudGear fist.

Rucking Clubs with MudGear Socks
The health benefits of Rucking
Is Rucking Good for You?
The health benefits of Rucking

Rucking health benefits include burning more calories than from casual walking, but without the risk of strain or joint injury caused by impact running.

As with any sport, it's important to warm-up and use proper gear. Focus on maintaining good posture while rucking to prevent strain and discomfort and always pay attention to your hydration and nutrition, especially on longer rucks. Also plan to gradually increase in the weighted loads you carry, your distance, and your pace rather than jumping up too quickly in any category.

When it comes to long term, injury free exercise, rucking vs running is a no brainer. That said, there are a growing number of ruck running events as well as the more popular rucking challenges where traditional rucking is combined with ruck-based exercise movements. It just goes to show the world of rucking is expanding as is MudGear’s selection of rucking-related products, including our MudGear Ruck Star Tri-blend Tee and the MudGear Sandbag.

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Top Gear For Rucking

Whether you ruck for fitness, fellowship, or freedom, MudGear has you covered with socks and apparel to go the distance.  Our rucking gear brings together the performance aspects of our award-winning trail and running socks with the toughness and durability you require for ruck training and events.  Ruck on.