Kevin “MudMan” LaPlatney: OCR Expert and Evangelist

Kevin is the founder of the premiere OCR race review website The Mudman Report, and has been a long standing member of Team MudGear. The Mudman Report is a comprehensive guide to the best races across the country based on his personal reviews of each event. Known as the “Mudman”, he is also a critical figure in driving the exponential growth of OCR over the past few years.

  • Nearly 100 races
  • Founder of The Mudman Report
  • Magazine author and contributor to the MudGear Blog

From Long Island NY, Kevin has been running OCRs since 2010 and is now closing in on 100 total races completed. In 2015 he managed to complete 22 races and podium at a few despite dealing with injuries. He also finished the BattleFrog Elite season ranked #36 in the country. We are proud to have the Mudman on our team, and look forward to having him represent MudGear on the course.  



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