The Conquer the Gauntlet You Cannot Miss


MudGear is ALL IN for Middle America's biggest OCR event of the year.

We've seen quite a few obstacle course races and mud runs come and go over the years, but only the great ones stand the test of time. Conquer the Gauntlet has put on great races for 10 years and is the epitome of everything we love about this sport.

  • Physically challenging
  • Adventurous obstacles
  • Amazing community/family
  • Super affordable (register here)

To celebrate a decade of delivering epic races, CTG has suspended their normal tour, and pulled their resources to deliver the heartland's BIGGEST OCR PARTY of the year!  

Conquer the Gauntlet 10 Year Anniversary


  • September 4-5, 2021
  • 181 Ranch (near Tulsa, OK)

    Everything kicks off with a pre-race dinner on Friday (Sep. 3) where we'll catch up with old friends. Then, it's down to business on Saturday with 30 unique obstacles over 4.13 muddy miles. You'll have a blast, but the party isn't over. On Sunday, teams will battle it out to see who can put together the perfect blend of speed, strength, obstacle skills, and endurance. Think you're good? Just try to beat the CTG Pro Team!  

    What Makes Conquer the Gauntlet Different? 

    It's hard to explain without being there firsthand. Sure, CTG is affordable, but we've seen cheaper races without near the comradery eventually disappear. Yes, CTG has an okay payout to elite winners, but we've seen races pay a lot more only to go bust. It really comes down to two things: the CTG FAMILY and the DON'T QUIT MENTALITY. 

    CTG Family 

    Take the "Hey how are you" charm of the south, mix it with the "You've got this" support of Tough Mudder, and multiply it times a thousand. That will give you a sense of what it means to be part of the CTG Family. Conquer the Gauntlet racers, volunteers, ambassadors and staff all do it for the same reason. They love this race and their CTG Family.

    DON'T QUIT Mentality

    Can we be blunt? Your course records mean jack if you've skipped obstacles or opted for the penalty loop offered at other races. At Conquer the Gauntlet, at least in the competitive heats, you move on when you complete the obstacles. Period. That's why friends and family wonder, "What happened to my racer" as they wait patiently at the finish line for their loved ones. "Did he get lost?" Nope. He's still trying to complete Pegatron; but when he does... it will feel better than any finisher shirt or medal ever could.

    Now that we think about it, it really DOESN'T make sense that CTG has survived so long. After all, while other races get easier and easier to be more inclusive, Conquer the Gauntlet has continued to get progressively harder. Take it from Mike Ferguson, a Spartan guy, who says CTG has the "hardest obstacles in ALL of OCR."

    That's the thing. They beat the crap out of us and apologizes for nothing! Yet, the most EXTREME 4 miles on the planet is STILL the heartland's favorite race series. Now, they're celebrating with ONE GIANT ANNIVERSARY EVENT.

    Conquer the Gauntlet | 10 Year Anniversary | Sept. 4, 2021

    Expect CTG's legendary obstacles like Stairway to Heaven, Walls of Fury, and Pegatron along with new fan-favorite, Smooth Criminal. There may also be some retired obstacles we’ve come to miss and new challenges we've never even imagined. CTG’s 10-Year-Anniversary Event can be summarized with five words - GO BIG OR GO HOME!

    Conquer the Gauntlet | 10 Year Anniversary | Sept. 4, 2021

    CTG is Hard

    We can't say this enough. CTG isn’t a muddy walk in the park. It is unapologetically difficult - considered by many to be the hardest OCR out there. While the “CTG Family” (which includes staff, volunteers, and participants) are always encouraging, they refuse to coddle you. Their race course is guided by motivational signs that read, “Don’t Wish It Was Easier. Wish You Were Better” … or something like that. Translation: Don’t blame us just because you didn’t train enough! 

    Beware of Ringers

    Just as Hobie is Spartan royalty, and Yuri Force used to own every Savage Race, the CTG Pro Team are (how do you say it?)...UNSTOPPABLE! Randi Lackey has more wins than we can count, and Evan Perperis was undefeated in 2019. We'd call them bullies if they weren't so nice about it. 


    2021 is the year of making up for all we missed in 2020. So, be sure to add CONQUER THE GAUNTLET'S 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT to your race calendar. It's three weekends before 2021's big championships. So, here are your options: 

    • Let CTG be your last big test BEFORE championship weekend.
    • Can't make Spartan NorAm or OCRWC? Hit CTG's 10 Year INSTEAD.
    • Not going to CTG? NOT AN OPTION!  

    Use MudGear promo code CTG10 at checkout for $10 off. 

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