CTG 10 Year Anniversary December 06 2020

Amongst the shotgun blast of Black Friday emails we were all bombarded with over the Thanksgiving break (and yes, some of it was from MudGear), we received shocking news from Conquer the Gauntlet (CTG). 2021 will mark the south-central-based obstacle course race’s 10-Year-Anniversary, and CTG announced it will be suspending its normal season to throw ONE GIANT ANNIVERSARY EVENT. 

Conquer the Gauntlet | 10 Year Anniversary | Sept. 4, 2021

The bitterness of this bittersweet announcement is obvious. Only one opportunity for Conquerors to travel up and down the Stairway to Heaven, face the Walls of Fury, and at least attempt Pegatron just doesn’t seem like enough. In past years, CTG has pulled-off up to 10 races a year in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and Iowa, all delivering the most EXTREME 4 miles on the planet. So, thoughts of scaling down to only one race is a bit concerning. However, beyond the bitterness is something so sweet, we’re bound to get cavities. 

Conquer the Gauntlet 10 Year Anniversary (2021)

When CTG goes big, they pull out all of the stops. By reserving all of their resources for one giant event in their Oklahoma backyard, Conquer the Gauntlet will undoubtedly showcase all of the usual obstacles we know and love, some retired obstacles we’ve come to miss, and (rumor is) maybe even some new surprises that the Mainprize boys have always wanted to do… but were never crazy enough to go through with it. CTG’s 10-Year-Anniversary Event can be summarized with five words - GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Conquer the Gauntlet | 10 Year Anniversary | Sept. 4, 2021

CTG is Hard

We should probably pause to remind you that CTG isn’t a muddy walk in the park. It is unapologetically difficult - considered by many to be the hardest OCR out there. While the “CTG Family” (which includes staff, volunteers, and participants) are always encouraging, they refuse to coddle you. Their race course is guided by motivational signs that say things like: “Don’t Wish It Was Easier. Wish You Were Better” … or something like that. Translation: Don’t blame us just because you didn’t train enough! 

2021 will be a year of making up for all we missed in 2020. So, be sure to add Conquer the Gauntlet’s 10 Year Anniversary Event to your race calendar.

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