Pay the Piper at CTG

We’re glad Conquer the Gauntlet is still delivering awesome races in 2020, but the last thing we expected was for the CTG crew to be innovating in their free time. However, participants in last week’s Oklahoma race got to experience CTG’s new obstacle: Pay the Piper

Conquer the Gauntlet's Pay the Piper

“It’s a pole traverse with discs at varying heights for your feet. You’ll have to stretch a bit to reach the poles, but the obstacle really reminded me of being at a playground as a kid and just having fun swinging around.” -Lisa Nondorf

Lisa makes it sound easy, and it probably is for the frequent podium finisher. However, we mere mortals know that though CTG is always fun, it’s never easy. Even Randi Lackey, who has worn the prized gauntlet as much as anybody, admits the stretch will be a challenge for some. 

“I’m 5’5”. It will be extremely hard for anyone shorter than me.” - Randi Lackey (pictured above with Ashton Ashton).      

So, here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to remember when you Pay the Piper: stretch, grab, place your foot, but don’t slip. Then, quickly do it again and again because, oh yeah, YOU'RE RACING! 

Look for Pay the Piper and a couple dozen more fierce obstacles at Conquer the Gauntlet - Little Rock on September 26, 2020.

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