OCR Everest

It's been reconfirmed time and time again; Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis doesn't quit! Whether it's the CTG Continuum or some random sufferfest most people have never heard of, Evan is notorious for turning "hard enough" courses into multi-lap events. MudGear even experienced Evan's grit firsthand as part of his pit crew at 2021 World's Toughest Mudder - an annual race event at which Evan has the 4th most cumulative miles ever.

Every year, Evan finds some new way to punish himself while inspiring followers and raising money for a great cause. The 7th and "final" (we'll see) Ultra-OCR Challenge was a fundraiser event Evan coined as OCR Everest in which he ran the Tough Mudder course in Stratton Mountain, Vermont, with enough additional segmented loops to total the height of Mount Everest. That's 29,029 feet of ascent with WAY TOO MANY OBSTACLES. The idea is simple; execution was not! 

OCR Everest was filmed and produced by Evan's crew member and award-winning cinematographer/director, Bobby Ross.

Learn about Evan's past Ultra-OCR Challenges and how you can still support his cause at Evan's Strength & Speed website. 

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