Fergy Goes Freestyle

A review by Mike Ferguson

Having been an avid runner since I was in high school to now being 33 (you do the math), I feel it's safe to say that I've tried a lot of different shorts over the years. Ranging from compression to V-Notch to split shorts, I've had my fair share of experience with what works and what doesn't. Needless to say when MudGear announced that they were coming out with their new line of running shorts, I was pretty stoked. What runner doesn't like trying new gear?

Having a few different pairs of MudGear Men's Freestyle Shorts on hand to wear day-in-day-out for training/ racing for the last month, I feel I can give a quality opinion on how great these shorts actually are.

What I Like

First and foremost, I'm a huge fan of how comfortable they are. I love the slightly snugger fit (modified by MudGear based on feedback of their first batch); yet, they still allow for full range of motion with no restrictions in my stride or cadence.

Second, I love the zipper pocket on the back for storing small things like electrolyte tablets, gels, or a small water flask. 

Third, the shorts come with a nice adjustable drawstring in the front where I personally double knot it to the desired tightness.

Fourth, the fabric. The shorts were very good at breaking the wind and protecting me from the elements as I did a lot of running outside during the winter months of Minnesota with a base layer underneath.

No So Much

I'm a Team MudGear sponsored athlete. That may make me seem a little bias, but Malko and the guys at MudGear told me to shoot straight; don't hold back. So, here are a few suggestions.

  • I don't personally use the 2 small pockets on the sides mainly because I'm not a big pocket guy, but also because I'm afraid they might catch an obstacles or get filled with dirt and debris during racing. Other racer friends have had no problem with the pockets. Still, maybe offer an option with pockets and without pockets?
  • Personally, I cut out the lining inside the shorts as they just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe offer an option without the lining inside? 
  • The shorts hold a little bit of moisture when wet but nothing substantial and definitely could be used as an OCR racing short.

Take away for me is the comfort and length of MudGear Men's Freestyle Shorts, (size SMALL) big fan of the zipper pocket on the back as well as the fabric.



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