Conquer the Beach - HILDERVAT Style! 

Stop trying to decide whether to race or hit the beach this summer. You can join the masses who are doing both at HILDERVAT! This Ultimate Viking Warrior Race is literally right on the beach. 


Take 3 laps around the 1 mile oval track with 15 world class obstacles per lap for a total of 45. Make that 46, because you’ll be dealing with one obstacle from start to finish...SAND.  

If you’re wondering ‘what the heck is a Hildervat,’ join the club. It apparently means Water Battle, which is fitting with the Atlantic Ocean serving as the race’s backdrop. 

Almost as exciting as the race itself is the roster of elite OCR athletes already committed to attending, including Aaron Newell, Corinna Coffin, Faye Stenning, Lauren Weeks, Lindsay Webster, Nicole Mericle, Rebecca Hammond, Robert Killian, Ryan Woods, Ryan Kempson, Ryan Atkins, and Veejay Jones.

It’s not too late to add your name to the list. Register for Hildervat Elite, Open, or Relay races ASAP, and get ready for the ultimate OCR beach battle!

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