Let Those Biceps Breathe

A review by Eddie Salinas


MudGear has a legit, short-sleeve jersey, but sometimes you want to “bring out the guns.” And when you do, their sleeveless race jersey is second to none.

The first detail to notice about MudGear Men’s Sleeveless Fitted Race Jersey is the weight, it is very light and it does not feel bulky.  The quality is outstanding for a shirt this light and it is ready to take on any factor that is thrown at you during an obstacle course race; this jersey can take the punishment of any race.  

The jersey is fitted but it is not intended to glue to your body, you can feel the freedom you need to navigate through obstacles without the jersey being one; it gives you the perfect amount of space to maneuver during upper body obstacles as well as protecting you from rough terrain you may have to go through during a barbed wire crawl.

Another detail that stands out is how well it drains water and helps eliminate sweat. This jersey will quickly drain after any water obstacle and will even be close to dry minutes later. Sweat? No problem, the jersey’s high quality material will keep you nice and cool keeping sweat to a minimum. Any mud it may accumulate during a mud crawl type obstacle will quickly fall off.

MudGear Fitted Race Jerseys (long, short, or sleeveless) are my top choice for obstacle course racing and trail running. Can you wear them to the gym? YES! I would strongly recommend that too!


-Eddie Salinas

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