McKinney Ruck Club

McKinney, TX

MudGear likes to meet and spotlight groups that are staying active even when it's not easy. It can be as simple as throwing some weight on your back and going for walk. Just ask the McKinney Ruck Club.

McKinney Ruck Club meets in McKinney, TX

It all began with MRC founder Chaz Sarles who started rucking for his personal health and ended up losing 50 lbs. in the process. A few co-workers eventually joined him for his rucks. Then, a friend of a friend would come. Before long, the group was welcoming anyone and everyone. Nobody's a stranger. They even let MudGear tag along for a recent ruck.

McKinney Ruck Club meets in McKinney, TX

The club formed late September 2020 and was officially recognized by GORUCK in November. They get together on Mondays consistently for Social Rucks (Donut Rucks, Pup Rucks, Brew Rucks, Holiday Themed Rucks or just 5-10k rucks). Afterwards, they go for drinks and food at a local restaurant. The rest of the week is open for spontaneous gettogethers. The longest group ruck so far has been 12 miles. No bad for a fairly new group. With COVID being fairly prevalent, MRC hasn't been able to host any huge events. They just enjoy getting together and staying active... averaging 7-10 per meetup, but sometimes it is just 2-3.

McKinney Ruck Club meets in McKinney, TX

Chaz told us, "The goal is to get people off their couch, outside and moving. Whatever the individual’s goals are can be incorporated into the club. Training for an event, let’s go! Or if you just want to walk and get steps, join up!"

McKinney Ruck Club meets in McKinney, TX

If you're in North Texas and looking for some folks to get your steps in with, reach out to Chaz and the McKinney Ruck Club on Facebook. No gear? No problem. MRC usually has enough extra packs for everyone. 


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