MudGear & VJ Shoes Are A Perfect Fit


Danny “Da MENACE” in his MudGear Socks w/ VJ Shoes
Danny "Da MENACE" in his MudGear Socks with VJ Shoes. 

The comfortable yet functional durability of MudGear Socks have made them among the most important weapons outdoor warriors should have in their arsenals second only to the right shoes. While MudGear has never produced our own running shoes, we recognize a great fit when we see it… or in the case of VJ Shoes, when we hear about it. Thanks to customer reviews and a sea of social media posts, we’ve learned that more and more casual and elite trail runners and obstacle course racers are pairing MudGear Socks with their VJ Shoes. We wanted to know why. 

Heather Gollnick in her MudGear Socks w/ VJ Shoes

“I love my VJ Shoes and my MudGear Socks! I would never do an OCR without them! Together they are a winning combination!" - Heather Gollnick

Best Grip on the Planet

Just as MudGear has made functionality a key part of our design, the makers of VJ Shoes build their products to conquer muddy trails, slippery obstacles, and even icy mountains. It all comes down to being able to trust your gear and know that your socks and shoes will do their part as long as you do yours. 

Kirk DeWindt in his MudGear Socks w/ VJ Shoes
“I almost exclusively wear my MudGear Socks while running. Naturally, that means my MudGear Socks and VJ Shoes go hand-in-hand quite often. As far as performance goes, it’s my go-to combination.” - Kirk DeWindt

Made to Go Fast

It’s the most common compliment we hear about VJ Shoes: “These shoes are fast.” Wait. What does that even mean? 

While it’s true that gear is only as fast as the runner, it’s important to find socks and shoes that won’t impede your performance. MudGear and VJ Shoes both engineer our products to have cushioned support in all of the essential places while maintaining minimal mass. For MudGear, that means socks that wick water, drain sweat, and ventilate well for cooler feet. Meanwhile, VJ Shoes are strategically narrow with cushioned front and heel while still offering midsole stability. 

Alexandra Walker in her MudGear Socks w/ VJ Shoes

“My feet 🦶 are super happy with the combo of MudGear Socks and VJ Shoes. I never have to worry about blisters or grip when training or racing. It’s like having your feet in clouds with geckos attached 🦎.” - Alexandra Walker 

Competitive Price for Pro Performance 

MudGear prides itself on making the common man less common. We do so by delivering elite-performance gear at mid-level pricing. So, while our socks cost more than you’ll find in the local bargain bin, they’re more affordable than a number of inferior, so-called “professional running socks.”  In the same manner, VJ Shoes typically cost ⅔ the price of the elite shoes they’re constantly PASSING on the race course. The end result is more and more MudGear and VJ Shoes spotted on winning podiums.   

CTG Pros Doug Snider and Jenny Overstreet in MudGear Socks w/ VJ Shoes

MudGear and VJ are the official socks and shoes of the Conquer the Gauntlet (CTG) Pro Team.

A Perfect Fit

We’ve all seen professional sports teams on which superstar athletes clash rather than complement each other’s talents. It’s really quite sad! Meanwhile, as so many of you have expressed, pairing MudGear Socks with VJ Shoes is undeniably beneficial. They truly are the perfect fit!

Mike Ferguson in his MudGear Socks w/ VJ Shoes

“I definitely think VJ Shoes and MudGear Socks are a great fit. The green sock with the green shoes go together well, and I've never had any issues, hot spots or blisters." - Mike Ferguson

Experience #thebestgripontheplanet for yourself with VJ Shoes, and complement them with MudGear - the toughest, most comfortable socks in rugged, outdoor racing!


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