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What are the Best Socks for Rucking?

Good rucking socks are essential for injury prevention, performance, and enjoyment.

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March 04 2020

Continuum - CTG on Steroids

Some obstacle races have eased up after being accused of being too difficult. Conquer the Gauntlet has doubled-down! Breanna "Red Beast" Calvert warns about Continuum: CTG's new multi-lap event.

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July 29 2019

MudGear "On-Location"

MudGear has committed to visiting more races in 2019 via "MudGear On-Location." We're visiting races of all sizes with prizes and cameras in-hand to deliver race day social media and...

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May 29 2019

The Ultimate OCR Pre-Race Checklist

  Besides proper training, eating right, and getting your mind prepared for an OCR race - it's critical to have the day before all planned out and ready before you...

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May 05 2016

Washing Clothes After a Mud Run

A Mudman Pro Tip from Kevin "Mudman" LaPlatney It’s been said a good obstacle race should leave every inch of you, and what you’re wearing, completely covered in mud. For most,...

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October 15 2015

Infections of OCR You Must Avoid!

Similar catchy and fear inducing headlines like this one have recently cropped up again with new stories of obstacle racing health hazards that warn of disease, plague, and man eating...

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July 20 2015