THE FRIGID | Ultra Trail Race

Don't wait for Spring weather before tackling your first ultramarathon of 2022. Experience The Frigid in Mt. Vernon, OH. With 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, and 50K individual and relay race divisions, The Frigid has something for all levels of endurance. Plus, you're never too far from the start and finish lines, because the race is ran on a 10K loop. 

Aside from the distance, the real challenge is the unpredictable weather. As the name suggests, January weather in Central Ohio can get quite cold. So much so that the winter YETI usually makes an appearance. 

The Frigid is the year's first race of the GRIT Trail Series (10K-40K) and the White Tail Ultra Trail Series (50K). Both have challenging races scheduled across Ohio throughout the year.  

Register for THE FIRGID Ultra Trail Race Here!  


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