Your First Mud Run | A Family Affair

If you've found your way to MudGear, there's a good chance you've already run your share of mud runs or have already signed up for your race. That's great! The challenge is getting the entire family as enthused as you are. While Spartan and other races offer side courses for the kids, there are seldom opportunities for the entire family to run a legit obstacle course together. That's what makes Your First Mud Run so cool!

Your First Mud Run

Based in the Northeast, YFMR is truly for the whole family. We love how it gives the kiddos an appropriate bite-sized portion of the kinds of obstacles adults love and expect at obstacle course races. Along with some inflatables, there's mud, walls, crawls, and climbs. There's even a Carry Your Weight obstacle (sandbag or tire). Let's face it - carries are usually left out of other kids' races because they involve that 4-letter word: WORK. We love that YFMR found a safe way for mini-me to work up a sweat but still have fun doing it.  

Ever thought about hosting a mud run? Along with their own calendar events, Your First Mud Run provides obstacle rentals and can even put on a full mud run as a fundraiser at your location. 

Check out Your First Mud Run today to learn about this awesome obstacle mud run for the whole family.  

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