MudGear: Official Socks of the 2016 ESPN Battlefrog College Championship and League Championship

Hi, it's Malko here.

Last week I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to see the Season 2 filming of the 2016 ESPN Battlefrog College Championships and League Championship. This show has 16 co-ed rival college teams and city teams competing for a national championships in an OCR course built by the guys at Battlefrog.

The short course is a fast 350-meters long with 20 obstacles, and teams are made up of four people - two men, two women. The short course creates an all-out sprint race in which the cameras are able capture end to end footage of the contestants.

Season 1 had an incredible reception, drawing over 2 million viewers in the first week on ESPN 2, and garnered a strong fan base for this year. In fact, ESPN picked it up for prime-time episodes this year.  In Season 1, MudGear sponsored gear for the Black Knights of the United States Military Academy who took the Trident Cup home to West Point.  They will be defending their title this year against some stiff competition.

With the expansion of the event, this year, MudGear is proud to be the official socks of the 2016 ESPN Battlefrog College Championship and League Championship. Every athlete on the course and show received our compression OCR socks and trail socks and I was thrilled to see MudGear all over the course. We even had MudGear banners and a MudGear obstacle which was super cool.

The ESPN crew put in great effort to capture every angle of the race.  Cameras were everywhere, including attached to obstacles and drone shots that will make it phenomenal to watch on television. Season 2 is scheduled to air in June and I predict it will be some the best OCR race coverage we've ever seen.  It's a big step for the OCR community!

I'm not allowed to give away any results, but here are a few action shots of the event that don't spoil anything:




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