MudGear Speed Ruck
MudGear Speed Ruck
MudGear Speed Ruck
MudGear Speed Ruck
MudGear Speed Ruck

MudGear Speed Ruck

Rucking Boot Meets Trail Running Shoe - The first shoe built specifically for competitive and elite ruckers, designed to move heavy things further and faster.

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  • SUPERIOR GRIP - 100% butyl-rubber outsole powered by VJShoes for "The Best Grip on the Planet"
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Ripstop nylon to prevent tearing
  • PROTECTIVE DESIGN - Strengthened rubber toe cap; Fitlock arch stability; full-length rock plate 
  • ALL TERRAIN READY - 4 mm lugs for seamless road-to-trail transition; Midsole stack: 22mm/16mm 
  • FAST AND LIGHT - Speed of a trail runner with the heart of a boot; 13 oz weight
  • MADE TOUGHER - The strength of a boot captured in a fast shoe
  • Fit Note: We recommend ordering .5 size larger than your normal shoe size

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“Boots are tough but heavy & slow. Meanwhile, comfy sneakers are way too fragile. You guys nailed the perfect hybrid. Who knew MudGear Tough could stay CRAZY lightweight? Well done!👊”

Product Description



Some might think MudGear’s evolution from socks to shoes is natural and maybe even expected, but we never saw it coming. We’ve been content providing the world’s best adventure socks for years…all while watching niche interests like OCR, trail running, and rucking evolve in their own unique ways. 

We remember when rucking was just a slow march, leisurely stroll, or maybe even a military stride. However, as rucking grew from a hobby to a sport, we expected the usual footwear suspects to change with the times. They didn’t. So, we picked the brains of friends we’ve made over our 10+ years in elite fitness apparel. We asked legendary designers and a world champion rucker what needs to change in the established approach to competitive footwear. Short reply? EVERYTHING!


What do we need, and how do we get there? Those two questions were directed at two distinct experts. First, Rucking World Champion and GORUCK Selection Finisher, Mark Jones, provided the ultimate wish list influenced by an unmatched number of weight-bearing hours and miles. Mark knows all of the pain-points found in every shoe that has ever tried to race with a ruck. His expertise proved invaluable, but what good is a wish list without a heavyweight designer/manufacturer who knows how to deliver? 

Enter VJ Shoes. Known for their unique Butyl Rubber tread enabling “the best grip on the planet,” VJ Shoes is the respected leader among Finland's most accomplished trail runners and winter athletes. They specialize in keeping you moving fast while other shoes leave you at a standstill.


The first myth we had to demolish was this idea that thick, slow boots with little flex were the only way to support the weight of heavy rucks. That’s well and good when marching with your troop, but not when you’re trying to be faster than the next guy. So, we knew SpeedRuck needed VJ's reliable full-length rock plate system for an extra sturdy sole and their popular Fitlock for added support around the bridge when carrying heavy loads.  


A wish list can easily be misinterpreted as accessories or add-ons, but we knew VJ Shoes and their over 40 years of experience could deliver unparalleled strength and protection without weighing us down with unwanted mass. We're not just talking light compared to a ruck boot. We've cut the fat to compete with every known all-terrain trail shoe. 


Here's where Mark and other professional ruckers threw us for a loop. We were ready to canvas the SpeedRuck with the lightest, waterproof material possible, but it's what the stoics call "a fool's errand." Waterproof material may help against rain and puddles, but more and more ruck events require full submersion. Your footwear will absolutely get wet and probably filled. That's when waterproof boots usually take a turn for the worse because the water is now trapped inside and weighs the wearer down for the rest of the event. That mistake has been repeated too many times. Let's fix it!  The MudGear SpeedRuck has quick release mesh for superior drainage without weakening the integrity of the shoe.


There are trends setters and trend followers. We followed the rucking trend until our friends asked us to improve it. Now, in a day when everyone is about repeating what they already saw others do, we decided to create something new, something different, something needed, something better. See why Speed Ruck is both a game changer and undeniably MudGear - Made Tougher!

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You can go heavy, go fast, go longer, go stronger with a trail running shoe unlike any you've ever worn. With the durability of a military boot and the comfort of your favorite sneakers, MudGear Speed Ruck is where speed meets strength. This universal hybrid transitions seamlessly from pavement to gravel to mud to rock. And with a ruck on your back, the last thing you need is a heavy anchor on your heels. So, we kept it light but right for any sized load. Don't wait to ask other ruckers on the trail, because you might not be able to keep up. Experience this game changer for yourself!

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