More than Mud: Shari Donison

More than Mud is an article and interview series dedicated to documenting the incredible characters and stories that we come across in the world of OCR and outdoor adventure and endurance racing events. They range from everyday heroes to extreme athletes but all have unique and engaging stories to tell.


How Did You Get Into OCR Racing?

I started seeing posts and pics on Facebook and it peaked my interest. I signed up for a 6km Mud Hero, and then went straight into a Tough Mudder. I was hooked from Day 1!


How do you describe what you do to people outside of the OCR community? (and why you do it)

Aside from the obvious fitness aspect of the OCR, it is the most empowering, most enlightening, most personally challenging experiences I've ever committed to.  The team-work and comradery ensure that NO ONE is left behind, and that also makes it the most fun!


What's been your most interesting or memorable moment in your OCR career so far?

Every time I conquer something I couldn't previously complete, is memorable. Every time I stop to help others along the way, is memorable. Every laugh, every cheer, every high-five is memorable.


What's the best training or racing advice you've ever received?

Recognize your weaknesses in each workout and draw them out in successive workouts. Don't just ignore them because they suck. They will give you the most pride to conquer.


What personal challenges has OCR has helped you overcome?

Definitely my social skills. I had gotten to a point in my life where I detested social events, avoided crowds, and felt an attraction to serious hermit-dom. OCR's got me liking people again, enjoying the company of others, and working as a team.



What inspires you?

Strength; mental, emotions, physical. Humour. Humility.


Any race stats you'd like to share? Any goals for this year?

I've registered for 14 runs this year as well as FEMSPORT. My goals include training to my fullest potential, finishing each event at the top of my game, and making myself ULTRA-proud.


What's something about you that others might find surprising?

I have a stubborn heart and head, and if I set myself on something, I will make it happen.  Period. And I've got a sick sense of humour.


What are your thoughts on the current state and future of OCR?

OCR's are the most well-rounded sport out there. They include all people, all ages, all levels of fitness, all demographics and in all types of geographic areas. The future holds nothing but higher success; bigger, better, more inclusive and extensive events.  It's a very exciting time for OCR's, now and in the future.



Photos courtesy of Spartan Race

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