More than Mud: Jeromy Miramontes

More than Mud is an article and interview series dedicated to documenting the incredible characters and stories that we come across in the world of OCR and outdoor adventure and endurance racing events. They range from everyday heroes to extreme athletes but all have unique and engaging stories to tell.


How Did You Get Into OCR Racing?

One of my soccer teammates invited me to the Charlotte Spartan Sprint in spring of 2014 and I was hooked ever since.

What's been your most interesting or memorable moment in your OCR career so far?

My most memorable moment in my OCR career so far is placing top 30th in the OCR world Championships in Ohio of 2015.


What personal challenges has OCR has helped you overcome?

OCR has helped me overcome being absorbed into the typical college lifestyle of going to clubs and bars and dropping hundreds of dollars a week on experiences that you will probably never remember. OCR has taught me how to treat my body and most of all gave me an epiphany of what i what degree to strive for in college.


Any race stats you'd like to share? Any goals for this year?

Placed 28th in males 18-24 division at OCR world championships. Carolina Spartan Sprint/Beast weekend: Elite Sprint- placed 1st in age group and 31st overall.


What are your thoughts on the current state and future of OCR?

The current state of OCR is great! I am definitely looking into the future with the OCR lifestyle. Hopefully big companies like redouble and Monster can start sponsoring racers and events to really take the OCR to the next level.


Photos courtesy of Spartan Race 

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