14-Year-Old Races with the Best!

"Know your place. Stay in your lane. Wait your turn."  

This is the junk you hear in some sports when veteran athletes feel threatened by up-and-comers. However, obstacle course racing (OCR) is unique in its sense of community and mutual encouragement among all levels of competition. So, when 14-year-old Cameron "Cam" Tucker decided to climb over the wall and enter the Women's Elite heat at the Jacksonville, FL, stop of Spartan’s 2020 National Series, she was welcomed with open arms. 

Cam is a member of The OCR Girls, an international team of teenage obstacle racers. She was only 13 when she entered her first adult Age Group races last year at OCR NORAM in Vermont. She won the 3k (AG 13-19), placed 3rd in the 15k (AG 13-17) and ran in the Pro Team Race with one of her OCR Girl teammates and a Spartan Ambassador. Cam kept her band in all three races (100% obstacle completion).

Cameron also placed 2nd in the 2019 Spartan Kids World Championship and 3rd in the 2018 Spartan Kids World Championship. Still, what possessed her to enter a Spartan Elite (Adult) heat with Lindsay Webster and Nicole Mericle?  

“I wanted to have the experience of racing with the best of the best,” Cam said in an Instagram post. “And let me say... man they are fast! I was so happy to get top 20 (barely). Thank you so much to everyone for cheering me on!”

Nicole Mericle with 14-year-old Cameron Tucker

You read it right. She placed 20th... middle of the pack among incredible elite athletes. She just wishes Rebecca Hammond had been there too as Cam is a huge fan and, like Rebecca, wants to go to medical school while continuing her OCR career.   

Cam was surely the only Elite (male or female) who was driven home by her parents while she did advanced geometry homework in the backseat (school night). We hear that Cam's little brother is pretty awesome too, but still on the kid circuit-until next year. Her parents (Shannon and James) are extremely proud of their kids and told MudGear that Cameron plays cello, is a straight-A student, and participates in multiple club and school sports.

Let's wish Cam well and watch out for her, the rest of The OCR Girls, and young racers everywhere aspiring to be the best some day.... or RIGHT NOW!

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