The Top Teams of Obstacle Course Racing

Training and racing as part of an awesome OCR team takes the enjoyment to another level.  The bonds formed in the mud are priceless, formed by pushing your teammates over obstacles and past their limits.  These teams caught our eye for their size, enthusiasm, and passion for the sport.  Did we miss a team that should be on this Top OCR Teams list?  Let us know in the comments.


Camp Rhino
Camp Rhino offers a training experience like no other. From 10,737 square ft. of Obstacles, CrossFit, Boot Camp and cutting edge exercise equipment, you’ll never be bored with workout again. If you’re planning to go on your first obstacle race soon, they provide a platform for you to progress to unprecedented heights.

Canadian Mudd Queens
This is a Canadian based group, who use their love of mud runs/obstacle course racing to raise awareness and funds for charity. They originally started as a women’s only group but expanded to build “The eh? team" racing team – to include both men and women. They come together to share information, meet training partners, and provide each other support, encouragement and advice.

Chicago Spartan
Chicago Spartan was founded in November 2011 with the goal of bringing people together, Helping people get fit and have a good time doing it. Their dream is to get as many people as they can out there to do something, challenge themselves, be better than they were yesterday.

Colorado Obstacle Racers
The team includes athletes of all ages, all abilities and every personal goal imaginable. Mud runs, competitive races, color bomb extravaganzas, team challenges, urban adventures...Colorado Obstacle Racers is THE resource for everything obstacle-related here in Colorado (and even beyond). They offer local calendars, deals, giveaways, training groups, relevant articles, athlete profiles and more. 

Corn Fed Spartans
The team was Founded in Oct 2011, and has full support of Obstacle Course Racers everywhere. The Corn Fed Spartans exploded onto the OCR scene in 2012 at the Indiana Spartan Sprint.  Versatility, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are common traits of Corn Fed Spartans.

Extreme Fitness LV
The team was founded by Rick Baird, who developed a desire to mentor young kids about proper fitness levels and the impact it has on their ability to attain athletic goals. As a leading provider of fitness in Las Vegas, they take pride in offering the best bootcamp workouts in town! They are dedicated to serving the needs of their customers each and every day. 

F3 Nation
F3 is Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. It started as a small group of men who workout together, which then turned into an important part of many men’s lives in the Charlotte area. Their workouts are free of charge  - all held outdoors; rain or shine, heat or cold. And it all comes down with a Circle of Trust. The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

FiA Nation
The all-men group - The F3 Nation, inspired the group. Founded by Amy Peacock, nicknamed ChiaPet, who is also the owner of FiA stands for Females in Action. They are a community of women who’s focused on supporting each other to push beyond their comfort zones. The environment brings out the good in each of them and helps them to get fit and be healthy. 

Georgia Obstacle Racers and Mud Runners
GORMR is a Southeastern community of obstacle course racing athletes based out of Atlanta, GA. They are dedicated to training, racing, recruiting, and involving new athletes, having fun and promoting the sport. They are a diverse group of athletes with different levels of athleticism; however they are one in their love for the sport.  

Gut Check Fitness
Gut Check Fitness offers world-class OCR Training for those willing to test their courage, determination and character. Founded by Joe & Nicole Decker in 2006, Gut Check is the only Guinness Record Breaking and 2 X Death Race winning Outdoor Fitness Program in the world. "If you want to be the best then you've got to train with the best." Are you ready for a Gut Check?! 


Hoorah 2 Heroes (H2H)
The team which was inspired by the Military,  aims to honor our day to day heroes and the heroes in each of ourselves.  Their mission is to acknowledge and support people, charitable organizations, and special projects that provide aid, strength, and inspiration to others. 

Lone Star Spartans
LSS is The Original Texas OCR team. It is dedicated to helping its members and others to have an active lifestyle.  It is one of many teams, which have built their foundation on motivation and positive energy. The team was not built to achieve elite status or to recruit the best racers in Texas - they wish to challenge mental fortitude and shatter physical limitations in people of all fitness levels.

MIAMI Mudders
The team started as a group of guys getting ready for Navy’s Physical Fitness Test. All of the members were part of the crew of USS Miami, who decided to try signing up for Tough Mudder, and then eventually caught the “OCR Bug”. While the core of the team continues to be active duty submarine sailors, the family has grown to include members from New England to Seattle and from Wisconsin to Florida. They will have a team in races throughout the country. They run in honor of those who have given their lives for our country and they welcome anyone who would like to do the same.

Midwest Vikings
Vikings… Swords and helmets. The team is composed of people in all skill level. They do not discriminate, whatever your past experience, present or future ambitions are.  The group participates in a variety of sports from power lifting, marathons, triathlons, OCR races, mountain biking and more. Each of them strives to achieve mastery in all of it.

Mud and Adventure
Not just a team, but a family. Mud and Adventure believes in obstacle racing as a sport.  Because of that they wanted to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the athlete community and promote a team of obstacle racers. Besides being exceptional, accomplished competitors, both on and off the field, Team Mud and Adventure athletes are among the most dedicated and enthusiastic representatives of the sport we all love.


This is a growing community founded by Damion and Tracy Trombley. It was created in Florida and has branched out to California, Alabama, Texas and Michigan. MRF is an eclectic mix of OCR talent - a family gathering; dedicated to keep inspiring each other in the group. 

New England Spahtens
It is an obstacle race community for New England based obstacle racers. They provide support to all racers in any level. From encouragement and support on early days, to an organised team, that you can hangout with for discussions and such. They have a great online source of information, race reviews, discount codes, and more. It is basically a community by racers and for racers. 

Team Braveheart                                                                            
Team Braveheart is a “Worldwide Motivational Team”, compose of men and women of all ages.  Their goal is to motivate the world by sharing their life experiences.  They teach you to overcome your fears and go out of your comfort zones.

Team Burgh
Sue and John founded the team in 2011.  Its purpose is to provide the people everything “OCR Related”. They provide an excellent support network for anyone, whether you’re a newbie or an OCR Veteran. 


Team Illuminati
Team Illuminati’s core relationships grew organically from friendships across previous teams until the need for a new unique identity was undeniable. The team is about helping members achieve their fitness goals. Whether you are just getting off the couch, an elite athlete, or somewhere in between. They are a not for profit organization with elected officers and board members. Their main purpose is to help educate and encourage people from all walks of life to make healthier life choices, and support them in running and other fitness adventures.

Team Never Forget
Relatively new on the scene, is Team Never Forget, with a mission to not only remember the lives of those lost on September 11th, but to spread awareness of those we are still losing due to 9/11 related illness. You will see them on the course carrying the Thin Blue Line flag.

Team Ninja
With the team motto, "Get up and do something new!", Team Ninja has a couple thousand members, with groups in Indiana, Washington, and louisiana. They do Spartan Races, Warrior Dashes, Mudders, and other OCRs as well as road races and GORUCK. They are a growing group of Weekend Warriors and Fitness Afficionados. They take eveything to the heart - it really doesn't matter what you do, just as long as you are doing something and you enjoy it.  

Team Sisu (See’-Soo)
It was originally created by Daren de Heras (Death Race finisher) as a training experience for those looking to do the Spartan Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont. The team has been around as long as the weeple army. They are affiliated with the Weeple Army. It is an extreme training and racing team, whose purpose is to "Forge Unbreakable Athletes".  Team SISU is built on the foundation of going above and beyond limits.

Team Strength and Speed
The team was founded in early 2013 with the slogan –  “If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done”.  Like the name itself, the team simultaneously focuses on strength and speed.  Although members of the group live all across the country, they communicate and motivate each other via the Internet. It is a group of elite obstacle racers that come from a variety of backgrounds, including running, Crossfit, bodybuilding, ultra-running, triathlon, cycling and powerlifting.

Warrior State of Mind
The team started in 2011. It is dedicated to all obstacle race enthusiasts. They are recruiting athletes in all levels, shapes, sizes and colors – who are willing to discuss racing tactics, training tips, alert others of upcoming races, and all other things obstacle course racing.


Weeple Army
By the name itself, they are the army of fun! Dave Huckle - who was an obstacle racing addict, founded the group. They are an army of obstacle racers each and all dedicated to the sport of OCR. They are named as Spartan Race Biggest Team of 2012. They are focused on obstacle races, but they are more of a family. They spend just as much time doing road and trail races too. “No Weeple left behind. Helping is the Weeple way.”


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    What an honor to make your list. We are an inclusive group and would invite anyone to check us out. Thanks again.

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