Meet Elliott Megquier: World Record Holder for the Most Spartan Race Podium Wins

MudGear is proud to announce Elliott Megquier as a 2016 Sponsored Team MudGear Athlete. Elliott was the first elite athlete to wear MudGear on the race course 4 seasons ago, so we are thrilled to have him back for 2016. Over his career, he has completed over 127 Spartan Races and placed on 53 Spartan Elite podiums, the most in the world. In 2015, he ran 27 Spartan Races with 8 podiums and 2 wins. Elliott also won both snowshoe races that he entered.  


  • 127 Spartan Races...more than any other athlete
  • 53 Podium finishes
  • First athlete in the world on podium wearing MudGear
  • US Army Strong
  • Genuine the max

In the 2014 Carolinas Spartan Sprint, Elliott took 2nd place wearing MudGear trail socks and base layer briefs. When told the base layer briefs were meant to be worn under shorts, he said he didn’t give a shit. From that moment on, he has been one of MudGear’s favorite racers. We are proud to continue having Elliott on the team, and look forward to see him crush more races this year. 


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