Meet Jackie Landmark: OCR Addict & Supermom

MudGear is proud to announce Jackie Landmark as part of Team MudGear. A self-professed OCR addict, she currently lives in Deerfield, MA with her husband and five kids. In less than two years after her first OCR race, Jackie has already bagged over a dozen podium finishes across multiple races:

  • Charlotte Spartan Sprint: 1st
  • Bone Frog Challenge NJ: 1st
  • BoneFrog Challenge NE” 1st
  • Spartan SC Beast: 1st
  • Spartan SC Sprint: 1st
  • Tri State NY Sprint (1st Weekend): 1st
  • Tri-State NY Sprint (2nd Weekend): 1st
  • Citifield Stadium Sprint: 2nd
  • Boston Super: 2nd (Saturday), 1st (Sunday)
  • Savage Race PA: 2nd
  • Spartan AT&T Stadium: 2nd
  • Spartan Fenway: 2nd
  • SoCal Spartan Sprint: 3rd
  • Spartan VT Beast: 3rd

Jackie looks forward to breaking her own records in 2016, and we at MudGear are proud to have her be a part of this elite team.


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