New Fitness Tech from Amazon August 30 2020

Before the majority or races were cancelled, a peculiar trend had developed at finish lines everywhere. Before celebrating, before congratulating their opponents, sometimes even before accepting their medals, many athletes insisted on stopping their Strava (or whatever running app they trusted most). Then, the celebrating could commence. We love our fitness technology; and now, Amazon has chiseled out its own unique space in the market with Halo. 

Amazon Halo can monitor body fat and detect stress in your voice.

Amazon Halo is a new fitness band that does most of the normal tracking with a few extras. The band monitors steps, heart rate, and temperature while the accompanying app allows users to take a DEXA scan with their phones to determine body fat percentage. The band also has a built-in microphone that monitors your voice to detect stress and other irregularities.  

Trusting Amazon to monitor your body fat as you snap selfies in form-fitting clothing (recommended) and knowing that they’re listening to the tone of your voice will undoubtedly bring up some Orwellian (Big Brother) concerns for the conspiracy theorists among us. Still, Halo is new and unique. More importantly, it’s from Amazon a tech company that continues to exceed expectations.     

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