Battle Bunker

So many eyes will be on BATTLE BUNKER's flagship competition in Chula Vista, CA,* this weekend as it has the makings of  becoming the next MUST ATTEND event in the competitive gritnessphere**.

*Home of the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. Home of Team USA sports, Olympic athletes, and Paralympic athletes.
**MudGear reserves the right to make up words whenever we deem fit.


What is The Battle Bunker?

You've probably seen videos of Austen Alexander challenging athletes to take on the US Navy Physical Readiness Test, guiding social media influencers through a military obstacle course, or invading fitness center parking lots where he hands out money to participants willing to accept his "Battle Bus" challenges

Now, Austen has invited top athletes to the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center for 3 military-style fitness events testing the highest level of physical readiness - all under the guidance of Race Director, Hunter McIntyre. It's called Battle Bunker, and it's going to be intense!

Three Revolutions 

While there's a real "wait and see" vibe to the event's execution, the actual workouts are set-in-stone, well-published, and nothing short of a beat down with real DNF potential.


Top performances score bragging rights galore, but that doesn't pay the bills. So, the guys put together a nice $20k purse for top finishers.

Male and Female Category

  • 1st Place: $6,000

  • 2nd Place: $3,000

  • 3rd Place: $1,000

Follow Along

Be sure to follow MudGear on Instagram as our friend Kris Rugloski shares her Friday prep work leading into the event. Then, follow Battle Bunker for LIVE reports from the Saturday's competition.


Check out the Battle Bunker Women's Athlete Preview from Obstacle Racing Media as well as their Men's Athlete Preview.

The Battle Bunker O-Course was built by Brett Stewart and his team at Adventure Fitness. Check out these obstacles!

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