Brakken Kraker



DOB: 5/20/87
Residence: Lake Geneva, WI



Brakken Kraker has clearly established himself as one of OCR’s brightest stars with over eighty podium finishes in his career including +50 first place victories. Though he’s an accomplished veteran to the sport, Brakken is still relatively young and should always be considered a serious contender/threat as proven by his 2018 winning of the Spartan Stadium Series.


Significant OCR Accomplishments

  • 2x Spartan Stadium Series Champion (2016, 2018)
  • OCRWC Team World Champion 2017
  • 3x US Spartan National Points Series Top 3


Fun Facts

  • Full-time OCR coach
  • Father to three
  • Typical pre-race dinner: “Pizza, of course.”


Favorite Quote

“Aim small, miss small.”

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