Master the Burpee Broad Jump

Combine the Spartan burpee with the most athletic leapfrog for distance that you’ve ever seen. That’s the Burpee Broad Jump, and this movement was a game changer at HYROX Dallas. 

It’s not necessarily a new move, but it’s awesomeness has certainly been overlooked. However, as HYROX’s popularity grows throughout the year, we think Burpee Broad Jumps will become more commonplace. 

Turn on CC, and set captions to English. 

Spectators like to play backseat driver by insisting that athletes get as much distance as possible during each broad jump. It’s good advice in theory. However, the swing and extension may be more exhausting than the actual burpee. So, it’s not uncommon to see elite athletes opt to maintain their momentum with shorter jumps and more burpees than risk exhaustion for just a few extra inches per jump.  

If you haven’t played around with the Burpee Broad Jump yet, make it a part of this week’s workout. If you’re working with a buddy, turn it into a race. No steps between burpees. Just drop, leap up, leap out, drop, leap up, leap out, and so on, and so on. Good luck!

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