Warriors Wanted | Celtic Warrior Challenge 2020

There are many obstacle course races that we love and some that we hate. Celtic Warrior Challenge is the race you’re going to love to hate. It’s one of those rare races that will leave you completely exhausted but full of both joy and heartache as you rewind and remember 5 muddy miles and 30 unforgettable obstacles for years to come.  

Celtic Warrior Challenge | Oct. 10 in Meridian, MS

Book travel plans right now to Meridian, MS, for the 2020 Celtic Warrior Challenge on October 10. Experience firsthand this one-of-a-kind collision between real deal, competitive OCR and authentic, Celtic culture (valuing honor, loyalty, hospitality, justice, honesty and courage). Look for MudGear on the prize podium and be sure to tag us in your race day pics. REGISTER NOW

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