Maybe DEKAFIT sounded too much like Crossfit when you first heard about it. Maybe you’re a Spartan purist who is resisting the new station-based event with the same fervor as when you protested the announcement of Spartan Trail - the whole time screaming, “If there are no obstacles, it ain’t Spartan!” For whatever reason you may have dragged your feet jumping on the Spartan DEKAFIT bandwagon, it’s time to reconsider. 

 The news seemed barely buzzworthy when Spartan first rolled out DEKAFIT in early 2020 under the guidance of industry leaders Joe De Sena, Yancy Culp, Erica Walker and Jarod Cogswell. However, as awareness of a worldwide pandemic developed, the value of station-based training and competition proved ever increasingly appealing. Now, after a stream of successful events with a flood of positive responses, DEKAFIT is piquing the interests of even the most skeptical critics. 

There are over a dozen DEKAFIT events and locations still scheduled for 2020 including two DEKA STRONG (no running) events on Halloween, October 31Verona, NJ, and  Boca Raton, FL (costumes encouraged). 

Learn more about Spartan DEKAFIT dates and details.

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