Toughest Mudders vs. Toughest Race (MudGear Insider) August 17 2020

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In this MudGear Insider Alert for 8/17/2020…

  • Toughest vs. Toughest
  • "Your First Mud Run" Coming to NJ
  • Make Your Own Atlas Stone
  • Resilient Reads
  • Spencer Rau's "Why


Eco Challenge World's Toughest Race

Like much of the OCR world, the MudGear crew has been waiting for months for the release of World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji. Ever since we learned that obstacle course racing phenoms and World’s Toughest Mudder multi-year champs Ryan Atkins and Rea Kolbl were on a team together, we knew this Mark Burnett/Bear Grylls collab would become Must See TV. However, now that we’re trying to pace ourselves through the recently released series, there appears to be a major lack of Ryan and Rea in the first few episodes.

Despite our initial disappointment, we soon learned to appreciate the minimal coverage of Team Canada (Rea and Ryan). It was a reminder that though they’re top picks in their sport, adventure racing is something entirely different. They’re competing against Iron Man legends, decorated military veterans, super-fit professional surfers, adventure racing legends (New Zealand), and a pack of international teams who each bring their own set of strength and expertise to this one-of-a-kind race. Still, OCR champs are uniquely accustomed to all types of endurance and versatility. We won’t spoil the series for you, but don’t be surprised to see Team Canada as legitimate contenders.


2) YOUR FIRST MUDRUN | Wildwood, NJ 

Your First Mud Run | family obstacle course race

With so many cancellations and the kiddos begging to get out of the house, here comes the perfect opportunity for the entire family to experience Your First MudRun… coming to Wildwood, NJ, on September 13.

Our friends at YFMR have taken great precautions to deliver a safe race event the whole family can enjoy. Expect all of the usual walls, crawls, climbs, carries, and of course, MUD! This year’s race includes competitive heats with prizes for top finishers in ages 14-20, 21-39, and 40+. Register and save by using discount code: by using discount code: MUDGEAR at checkout.


    Make Your Own Atlas Stone

    I LIKE HEAVY CARRIES. There, I said it. I’m a middle-of-the-pack runner, and my rig proficiency is “meh.” However, I can carry heavy things for days. That said, there’s nothing sexy about sandbags, and a bucket of rocks is… a bucket of rocks. Meanwhile, there’s something ruggedly mythical about a good old fashioned Atlas Stone. 
    Atlas Stones have been a staple in World’s Strongest Man competitions since 1986, but the act of lifting heavy stones for competition can be traced back hundreds of years and on multiple continents. Still, few have added the heavy cement stone to their home obstacle courses even though it regularly appears at Spartan Races. It doesn’t require much time, money, or expertise to Make Your Own Atlas Stone. So, start working on your next favorite tool for heavy carry training.



    Top Books About Resilience

    2020 has been a real test of resilience. Some of us have learned we’re tougher than we thought while others are alarmed by our willingness to tap out. Can resilience only be learned in the trenches (aka, baptism by fire), or is it possible to learn to endure through the wisdom of those who have suffered before us?
    At the end of the day, we’re talking about psychology. Many of us are going through versions of the same junk right now, but psychologically, some are handling it better than others. Perhaps, we could all benefit from some guidance in resilience. Check out this 2020 list of 20 Best Resilience Books according to
    What does resilience means to you? Share your story of resilience by emailing or tell it on Instagram with hashtags #mudgear and #resilience.

    5) SPENCER RAU's "WHY"

    Spencer Rau Explains WHY He Obstacle Course Races

    I stay waiting for a start line to call my name because it keeps me grounded. Racing for me is the catalyst that has shaped my life to where I am today, and without chasing that finish line, I would have to find a new outlet for my athletic drive. I love the feeling of waking up at the crack of dawn and dragging my tired body out of bed to head to a race venue in the middle of nowhere. I miss the feeling of cranking up my favorite pre workout jams while it’s still dark outside and I drive down empty highways. I miss seeing volunteers who are just as tired as me, welcome me to a great day of athletic potential and show their support for the companies that give us the opportunity to live out our childhood dreams of a fun playground. And last but not least, I miss all the emotions and memories that I feel during race day.

    The first race I ran in 2012 as a young man in a great period of transition from what was comfortable, to what was new and unknown. The first time I met my racing family in San Antonio and told them to join a Facebook group called Lone Star Spartans. The first time I lined up in the corral with this new huge Lone Star Spartans family. I miss seeing all of these wonderful people and those that I don’t yet know, smiling and laughing, or crying as they are triumphant against an obstacle or getting to the finish line.

    A season without the sport that helped to sculpt my mind and body into the resilient person I am today has been really lonely, but I know one day soon, we will all be together again in the sunshine and mud having a great time in competition with each other. - Spencer Rau 

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