Who won (completed) GORUCK Selection 2022? NOBODY! With zero finishers making it to the final revolution, Selection 023 will be officially recorded as a black class. 

That doesn't mean that it was tougher than past years (though it may have been); it doesn't mean the candidates were weaker (seriously doubt it). It just means the GORUCK revolutions and cadre have once again crushed bodies and souls leaving nothing but a three-word glimmer of hope in their wake: "Maybe next year!"

We're still rounding up information and hope to have a full recap soon, but here's the need-to-know that everyone will be talking about. The last men standing... weren't men.

Allison Grubbs and Rachel Lotz outlasted everyone else. Before anyone slaps back with a snarky, "And what's your point" or "Why are you surprised," let's cut the BS and acknowledge how rare and AWESOME this accomplishment is! 

MudGear salutes Allison, Rachel, and the entire class of Selection 023 for your best efforts. We'll even throw a nod to GORUCK for making suffering look so attractive.

Ready to start rucking? Check out some of our favorite RUCK WORKOUTS featuring Ronald Tortola.

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