What, When, Where is Hildervat?

We’ve been hearing all types of buzz about Hildervat. The kind of buzz that makes you ask questions:

  • Who’s going?
  • How much does it cost?

And of course

  • What the Hild is a Hildervat?  

Hildervat (viking themed obstacle course race) coming to Huntington Beach

Designed to be the “ultimate viking warrior race,” Hildervat promises 15+ obstacles over the equivalent of a 5k. No, it’s not the most challenging distance, but the obstacles are legit with plenty of walls, crawls, carries, and climbs. Open division will offer all of the expected swag (shirts, medals, etc.) along with cash prizes for elite winners. Plus, Hildervat knows how much you’ve missed your peeps. So, they’re giving you a chance to team up in the relay race - also for cash prizes. Get ready, Jacksonville; Hildervat is coming your way on October 24.

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