HO HO HO-liday Challenge

November and December are typically and technically offseason for a lot of racers. As a result, they have proven to be the best months for just-for-fun virtual challenges on social media. However, considering 2020 has been one long off-season with countless virtual challenges, how do you get folks excited about one more? Make it festive! 

We stumbled across this post from Denmark’s Ida Mathilde S. last week in which she puts on her Santa suit while dead hanging. Super fun! She details the challenge within her post, but Ida also inspired MudGear to issue our own challenge.  

HO-HO-HOliday Challenge

From now until December 24, we want to see what holiday traditions you (yes, you) can pull off while training. Can you throw back some eggnog while doing burpees? Let’s see you sandbag carry Santa’s gift bag. Maybe hang lights while dead-hanging from the house. Use your imagination, post to Instagram, and be sure to tag #mudgear.

The most fun and impressive holiday tradition/workout mashups will be featured in an upcoming email and win $50 gift cards from MudGear.com to kick off the New Year. 

Have fun, and be careful!

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