Early Reviews of Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max

The world was given a sneak peek of the NEW Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max this week, and we're getting cavities - because these things look SWEET! Full disclosure, the shoes scored extra points with us since we've been all about the GREEN since St. Patrick's Day🍀. Still, look at these kicks! 

Don't act like that doesn't get you excited. Of course, looks aren't everything. We want to know how they feel and perform. Unfortunately, the shoes won't officially be "unleashed" until August 4, 2021. Inov-8 forgot to send their good buddies at MudGear a pair to review in advance. So, we've turned to some of our favorite vloggers for their hot takes on Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max.


We trust Loyd Purvis because he has great taste in music. That's right. He's using the MudGear theme song (Summer by bendsound.com). He's also a straight shooter and admits he is only a recent Inov-8 convert. Did the Trailfly Ultra G 300 secure his loyalty? 

It sounds like grip and graphene will be the Trailfly Ultra's signature qualities.     

The Run Testers

As we learn more about the gaphene foam, we're convinced this is the softest trail shoe you've ever tried. 

After watching the video, let's just say the obvious. "PULL UP YOUR SOCKS!" That was painful to watch knowing the host's socks wouldn't have been slipping had he been wearing MudGear Tall Compression Socks. Still, the shoes look great!  


The final review comes from RoadTrailRun, and it's a more technical critique with a list of likes and suggested improvements.

Ultimately, the Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max seems to have the comfort and grip to potentially become many runners new favorite shoe. We're still interested in hearing more about its weight and water handling.

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