MILO | The action communicator

Have you ever stumbled upon a startup and thought, “Hey, this could be big”? That’s how some of us feel about Milo. Picture biking or running trails while easily talking to buddies who are several seconds ahead or behind you. No yelling, and no holding down a button. You just talk at a normal volume, and they hear you. That’s the idea behind Milo - the action communicator. It's brand spanking new tech perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Milo allows natural, simple, group voice chat. No buttons to push, hands-free, no Wi-Fi or cell signal needed.

Wait. It gets cooler. Milo claims to be mud and weatherproof. Obviously, when we heard this, our MudGear minds went straight to obstacle course racing. Imagine checking in with friends or teammates on an entire different obstacle than you… or staying in touch with your sideline support crew while never slowing down your pace. 

Milo| mud and weatherproof

MudGear isn’t affiliated with Milo. Again, it’s a startup (still in the Kickstarter phase) that we stumbled onto by chance. So, we have to stop short of an actual endorsement. However, if their team can pull off everything they’re trying to accomplish, Milo may eventually become a household name among obstacle course racers everywhere. 

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