MRG Reviews MudGear Ruck Socks

A recent MudGear post introduced you to We would be doing a disservice if we directed you there without reminding you about the MudGear Ruck Sock. It’s the first and only sock of its kind… designed by and for the rucking community.

Military Background

Ruck Sock Review

While rucking has become more popular among civilians in recent years, the time honored tradition of weighted walks, hikes, or runs has been a standard practice among military soldiers for ages. So, there’s nothing we love more than hearing from soldiers and veterans who love our MudGear Ruck Socks. When we learned former special forces soldier, Evan Perperis, was testing them out for Mud Run Guide, we knew he’d put them to the test. 

"I would highly recommend to anyone whether you are a member of the military, rucking for training, competing in ruck based events or just want a warmer sock for OCR." - Evan Perperis (Ultra-OCR Man)

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