To say we’re proud to call Tyler Veerman a MudGear athlete is an understatement. We’ve been watching and, frankly, jealous of Tyler for years. Why should any man get to enjoy as many literal mountain top moments as he has shared on Instagram. Then again, if he’s willing and able to explore steep Colorado ridges in his own backyard, who can blame him? Now, more than ever, that mountain training is translating into big wins including the 15k at 2022 OCR World Championships. 

Born in ‘93, Tyler considers his OCRWC victory to be his biggest racing accomplishment. It may have also been the most surprising one considering, as Tyler puts it, “it wasn’t even on my race schedule until a week out.” That said, this guy is always training even on his off days. While some people wear the infamous “Running Sucks” tees, Tyler challenges the notion with his own “Not Running Sucks” shirt. Personally, we prefer his all-in Forrest Gump costume to really drive the point home. 

“I’ve been a distance runner for over a decade and haven’t had any serious injuries!! (KNOCK ON WOOD). I also use to perform in a collegiate Circus for 2 years at Illinois State University. I owe that chapter in my life to giving me the skills & upper body strength necessary for OCR.” 

Along with his undeniable athleticism, it is Tyler’s authentic and infectious love of the mountains that really makes him relatable. He lives in Morrison, CO, near the beloved Red Rocks Amphitheater. And while he’s explored some beautiful landscapes in Utah and beyond, his undying love for Colorado is undeniable.

Tyler says his 2023 goals are to PR in the 50k & 100k distances, qualify for UTMB CCC (100k), defend his OCRWC title, and podium at World’s Toughest Mudder. Lofty goals, but Tyler is not in the business of playing small nor making excuses. 

“One of my favorite quotes is ‘You are your own worst enemy.’ No one else is standing in your way other than you. It’s up to YOU and you only to overcome whatever obstacles that stand in your way.”

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