MudGear Fanatic: Alexander Golik

MudGear athlete Alexander Golik hits the rowing machine in blue MudGear ruck socks

Alexander Golik (@alexandergolikk) has competed in Spartan Races for about a year as of August, 2023. Between races, he enjoys trail running, hiking, and rucking- not to mention that he is currently pursuing a Graduates degree and working his way through school. 

Golik is raring to race in the Dallas Deka World Championships and defend his World Champion title. He says he's excited to tackle the challenge in his new MudGear Hybrid Training Socks. His race-day uniform also includes a VX Fitted Tee or Long Sleeve. The Champion declares that MudGear's unbeatable Made-in-the-U.S.A. quality and unmatched community drive is what sets this gear apart from any other OCR brand.

Golik's biggest goals in life include motivating, inspiring, and spreading joy to others through fitness and wellness. He leads through example both in his life and on  his social media to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones and try new challenges. 

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