MudGear Fanatic: Nick Klingensmith

Spartan Trifecta athlete Nick Klingensmith flexes with his medal and MudGear after a grueling race.

Nick Klingensmith (stridemotivation) is a former competitive beach volleyball player turned obstacle course and endurance race enthusiast out of Seminole, Florida. His proudest athletic achievement is finishing his first endurance race at the 2018 Boston Marathon and raising $10k for charity in the process. Next up, he'll take on the 2023 Spartan Killington Ultra in his race day uniform:  MudGear Tall USA Compression Socks. He says there is no plan B.

As a 4-time cancer survivor, Type-1 Diabetic and Recovering Alcoholic, Klingensmith uses his experiences to inspire and assist others to overcome their fears and get after their goals. His book, Through the Fire, tells the raw and passionate stories of the mental and spiritual approaches he took to overcome life's challenges.

"My greatest talent is that I simply do not know how to quit," Klingensmith says, "and so far, there's been no evidence to the contrary." 

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