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In this MudGear Insider Alerts for 7/11/2020…

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  • Floor is Lava
  • SeatShield | USA Flag
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2020 OCRWC Cancelled

Despite all of the race cancellations of 2020, we kept telling ourselves, “This too shall pass.” We kept our eyes on the big ones. “Let’s just make the most of the championships,” we told ourselves. For MudGear, that included big plans at October’s OCRWC in Vermont and November’s World’s Toughest Mudder in Dallas. These were going to be our opportunities to make some noise and see our people. So, recent news that BOTH EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED is a double gut-punch to say the least.

Expectations are a prerequisite for disappointment. So, perhaps we should learn from our mistakes, and stop making plans in order to avoid all future disappointment. There’s one problem with that. WE NEED EXPECTATIONS. Many of us thrive on having a race on the calendar. It’s what motivates us to put in the work. Darkness without some light at the end of the tunnel is just darkness. So, we’ve decided to recognize the new lights ahead and we’re running to them as hard as we can...



Savage Race Banner

Get ready, Chicago. You’re just weeks away from Savage Race on on July 25. The day will consist of 27+ obstacles over 5 to 7 miles. The shorter Blitz event is also a go. At the time of sending this post, the website says 53% of tickets have been sold - obviously down from past years. However, we view that as a positive since many are still leery of large gatherings.

"Of course. This is Texas!” was the response we heard when we asked whether The GRIT Games are a go for August 1-2 (kids on July 31). In fact, it’s spelled out in red caps right there on the website: “THIS EVENT IS HAPPENING!” Participants will compete in five OCR specific events that will test elements of running, strength, and obstacle proficiency and culminate with a final event testing the participants' overall endurance. Competitors came from all over the country to West Columbia, TX, (near Houston) for last year’s event.

August 28-29 is the biggest weekend on many racers’ calendar with Spartan Trifectas in West Virginia and Utah. These are the first traditional Spartan races since Jacksonville (June 13), and only the second since COVID interruptions. While the community at large seems pumped, we really don’t know what a “big turnout” will mean in our new norm.



Many of us have recognized OCR friends on competitive shows like Million Dollar Mile and Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, but there’s one popular series where the producers probably don’t want obstacle course racers. Combine a fun, childhood game with an elaborate set design, cool special effects, plus a Netflix budget, and you end up with The Floor is Lava - one of the HOTTEST (pun intended) shows on all streaming platforms. Contestants must maneuver through the room without falling into the lava. 

Truthfully - we enjoy seeing people fail and seemingly disappear into the steaming liquid floor. We also enjoy seeing a handful of participants successfully cross the finish line, but only after close calls and near failures. And there lies the problem for obstacle course racers. It’s too easy! The obstacles on TFIL are hardly a challenge for experienced racers. So, if you’re applying for next season, show your big personality, but maybe leave out your obstacle experience.



MudGear UltraSport SeatShield

There’s a heatwave across North America, and your workouts are as sweaty as ever. Protect your car seats from sweat stains and odor with the MudGear UltraSport SeatShield printed with MudGear or U.S.A. Flag. SeatShield is a quick and easy way to temporarily protect your seats after a sweaty run or workout… or when you’re covered in mud after a race. When you get home, just throw your SeatShield into the washer, and you’re good-to-go for your next filthy adventure.



Like many of you, we’ve checked the Spartan schedule repeatedly over the last few months only to see Hurricane Heats instead of traditional races. WAIT! Have you actually considered taking on the Hurricane Heat? If not, why not?

Spartan Hurricane Heat is a team-based adventure challenge that trades course distance for time. Don’t worry. You don’t have to show up with a team; Spartan will put it together for you. Your Hurricane Heat will last either 4, 12 or 24 hours and will not finish with a single victor. HH Teams band together, solving complex physical and mental problems as they endure and overcome as one.


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